Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color Magic of Sunset, Again

It can't be said enough about what the sunset colors can bring to a landscape photography.  Here's one taken at the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

Sunset over Crater Lake, Oregon, USA
Minolta A2, 28-200mm built-in lens, ISO 64, f/3/2, 1/60 sec., Hand-held, P Mode

I was on a family vacation trip visiting the Crater Lake National Park during the July 4th holiday.  After we arrived and checked into the local park lodge, I saw the sun was about to set, so I told my wife and kids that I'd like to drive out back to the top of the hills around the Crater Lake to take photos.  I drove in a hurry back to the hill top, and was there right before the sunset.  As I took out my camera and started shooting, scores of mosquitoes swooped in attacking me.  I got more than a dozen mosquitoes bites by the time I done and got back into the car driving back.

Despite the "bloody cost" of mosquitoes bites, I was glad  I made the effort driving back to the hilltop at dusk trying to capture the Magic Lights, and was lucky enough to be able to capture this scene.  But even luckier yet still, was that this photo was selected as one of the winners by a photo contest run by Microsoft to choose wallpaper images for the upcoming new Windows 7 operating system, and it was selected from more than 4,000 photos to be included in the North America Edition of Windows 7 Bets version, as one of the featured photos from the "My Beautiful Country" photo contest. 

Yes another case in point that you have to do the "Chasing", in the pursuit of Chasing the Magic Light, event at the cost of having a lot of mosquitoes bites, in order to get great photos - if this photo was taken at normal day light condition in the middle of the day, it would never have this color and sense of beauty.  

And you never know where your photo could wind up after you put in the effort in the physical hard work of chasing after certain light condition, and it could well be winning some high profile photo contests and have it seen by millions! 

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