Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stormig Light

One of the old photos from my old Minolta A2, my first digital camera, was a photo of Lion Bay, north of Vancouver, Canada.  The photo quality may not be as good as those nowadays taken with the more capable Canon 5D Mk II and L lenses, but I like the photo due to it conveys a good sense of nature in its ominous face, a forming storm, mixing with the sunset light.

Storm clouds over Lion Bay, Sea to Sky Highway, Vancouver, Canada
Minolta A2, 28-200mm built-in lens, ISO 64, f/6, 1/60 sec., Hand-held, P Mode

This photo can be said was taken at the right place at the right time, as I was driving along the Sea to Sky Highway 1 just north of Vancouver,, running into a storm, and then the sun broke out just as I reached to a vista point and rest area along the highway. I stopped my car and took out my camera in a hurry and ran towards the edge of the rest area next to the ocean cliff.  The clouds, and sunlight, and the ocean reflection, all contributes to a pretty stunning view.

Unfortunately, the very same visa point spot where this photo was taken, is no longer there today, being bulldozed off and removed during the highway expansion construction two years ago when Vancouver repaired the highway for the Winter Olympics in Whistler.  So today, even if the same weather reappear there, no one is able to standing there taking photos at this very same spot.  So I'll use my photo here as my remembrance to this once a wonderful photographic location for viewing spectacular nature scenery.  Sea to Sky Highway 1 is simply one of the most beautiful and scenic highways in the world! 

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